Business training course launch: Valuing nature and people to inform business decision-making

24 March ¦ 15:00 - 16:00 CET

We Value Nature

Join the launch of a new online business training course developed by the Capitals Coalition supported by We Value Nature

The free online course, valuing nature and people to inform business decision-making, comes in response to an increased demand from businesses and the finance sector for the knowledge and skills to apply natural capital assessments and a capitals approach.

The launch event will feature an overview of the course as well as insights from business leaders, course contributors and Beta testers.

What is in the course?

High-level speakers such as Paul Polman, former Unilever CEO, Gretchen Daily, Natural Capital Project from Stanford University and business leaders including Ofi, Holcim, Novartis, Eosta, Liv Up and Yorkshire Water share experiences and advice to support you in transforming your decision-making processes.  

The training course is dynamic and features videos from leaders in the field, interactive exercises, quizzes, and discussion prompts. The course has been built on the Coursera platform in collaboration with consultancy Nature^Squared. The first four modules will be:

Module 1 - The role of businesses in addressing the great challenges of nature loss, climate change and inequality

Module 2 - Better managing risks and opportunities by adopting a Capitals Approach

Module 3 - Getting started with a natural capital assessment: defining the objective and determining the appropriate scope

Module 4 - Measuring and valuing impacts and dependencies to integrate natural capital in decision making

Join the launch event to find out how the training course can support your business in valuing nature and people to make more informed decisions.

Watch the recording below: