The We Value Nature 10-day challenge

Events and activities for naturally-smarter businesses ¦ 11-24 March 2021

We Value Nature

There has never been a better time for businesses to assess their impacts and dependencies on nature. Through understanding and considering the risks and opportunities created by nature, businesses can make better decisions that benefit themselves, society and the planet as a whole.

We Value NatureWe Value Nature and our partners are excited to invite you to join the 10-day business challenge. Supporting and encouraging concrete change for nature, this action-oriented event, running from 11-24 March 2021, will offer a series of practical sessions and small challenges spread across 10 days to help you take the next steps on your nature journey.

The event is open to anyone so whether you’re a business or organization at the beginning of your valuing nature journey, or you have already undertaken a natural capital assessment and are looking to scale your thinking, we have sessions and challenges for you.

The Capitals Community is the networking space for the We Value Nature 10-Day Challenge. This will be a platform where you can network with other event participants and ask questions to session speakers, the We Value Nature team and other experts.

Sign up to the Capitals Community and join the We Value Nature group to take part in the conversation.


As part of the 10-Day Challenge we brought together over 45 practical sessions on a variety of topics including natural capital accounting, nature-based solutions, biodiversity and much more. View recordings and download resources from all the sessions.

Daily Challenges 

Complete the Day 1 Challenge: Where are you on your natural capital journey?


Complete the Day 2 Challenge: Identifying barriers 


Complete the Day 3 Challenge: Impacts and dependencies


Complete the Day 4 Challenge: Why is nature important to your company


Complete the Day 5 Challenge: Who are your internal and external allies?


Complete the Day 6 ChallengeValuing nature for your stakeholders


Complete the Day 7 Challenge: Addressing challenges with nature-based solutions 


Complete the Day 8 Challenge: Get inspired! 


Complete the Day 9 Challenge: A mission statement for nature 


Complete the Day 10 Challenge: New challenges 


  • ICAU
  • Oppla
  • Natura Capital Coalition