Detailed session on the BSI: Natural Capital Accounting standard

18th March 2021, 11:00 - 12:00 CET ¦ Little Blue Research, eftec & bsi

In this session committee members drafting the BSI Natural Capital Accounting standard:

1. Provided an introduction to the BSI and the process for developing a standard

2. Introduced the BSI standard with a particular focus on key features of natural capital accounting

3. Discussed how natural capital accounting can contribute to answer key questions like:- what are the main impacts and dependencies on nature;- where and how they can reduce their negative impacts and enhance the assets they depend on; among others

4. Referred to examples of where companies are beginning to use the BSI approach

5. Linked the work on the standard to other market developments such as: UN System of Environmental accounts, broader accountancy, etc.


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