How business can move into action and take public SMART commitments now

15th March 2021, 11:00 - 12:00 CET ¦ Act4nature

Taking concrete action for biodiversity is possible now, even in the absence of a universal measuring or valuation method. Numerous companies have already taken this path. 

In this session, Karen Degouve (Head of Sustainable Business Development in Natixis) and Coline Jacobs (Sustainable Development Department of Veolia) will present how Natixis and Veolia succeed in implementing concrete biodiversity actions and what public SMART commitments they have taken.

Claire Tutenuit (Managing Director of EpE) and Eva Zabey (Executive Director of Business for Nature) will present, from their experience, how international actors and nature could benefit from cross-sector “SMART commitment to actions” initiatives.

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