We Value Nature virtual office hour call

30 April ¦ 11:00-12:00 CET¦ Webinar​​

With the current context in which we are, how can we keep up the business momentum around the nature agenda? During our next Virtual Office Hour call, we will hear from Eva Zabey, Executive Director of Business for Nature on how nature can still be on the agenda, the increasing importance of business leadership and resilience and how to foster internal buy-in that is needed for nature to become strategically important. We will look forward to discussing with all of you on these different topics and to hear about your experiences.

We Value Nature’s Virtual Office Hour calls are interactive and your questions and input will shape the discussion. Please think in advance of questions you may have and also resources and experiences that you can share with others. We count on your active participation so please check your microphone is working and plan to be in a space that enables you to take part in conversations during the call.

Should you not be able to join the call but still wish to ask questions, send these in advance to Katia (bonga@wbcsd.org), we will make sure to address them during the call and send you the outcomes.

Join Eva Zabey, Executive Director of Business for Nature, to discuss how we can maintain business momentum around the nature agenda.

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Download the Virtual Office Hour notes