We Value Nature virtual office hour call

26 May ¦ 11:00-12:00 CET¦ Webinar​​

In response to several requests on the same topic in recent weeks, We Value Nature’s next Virtual Office Hour call will focus on how you can align your biodiversity goals with your company's vision and objectives.

Join We Value Nature on 26 May from 11:00-12:00 CEST and register here. We will have an opportunity to hear from Giulia Carbone and PJ Stephenson from IUCN who will walk us through key elements from IUCN's biodiversity guidelines for business, as well as share a practical example. As usual, we will look forward to discussing with all of you and hear about your experiences on this topic.

We Value Nature's Virtual Office Hour calls are interactive and your questions and input will shape the discussion. Please think in advance of questions you may have and also resources and experiences that you can share with others. We count on your active participation so please check your microphone is working and plan to be in a space that enables you to take part in conversations during the call.

An IUCN report on the development and use of biodiversity indicators in business provides relevant background reading. 

Should you not be able to join the call but still wish to ask questions, send these in advance to Katia (bonga@wbcsd.org), we will make sure to address them during the call and send you the outcomes.

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