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We're looking for a contractor to capture video recording from natural capital champions in businesses. View the brief:


We Value Nature is an EU Horizon 2020-funded three-year campaign (November 2018 –October 2021) supporting businesses and the natural capital community across Europe with the aim of making valuing nature the new normal for business.

Businesses that understand the true value of nature can benefit from improved risk management, new business opportunities, improved communication with investors, enhanced stakeholder engagement and anticipation of future   legislation. The We Value Nature campaign is collaborating with businesses and the natural capital community to help businesses value nature and take the next steps on their natural capital journey.

Based on an interview template developed by the We Value Nature team, the chosen contractor will conduct remote interviews to capture video recording from business champions. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we do not expect contractors to travel to film on location. The chosen contractor will also collaborate with members of the We Value Nature team to produce five mini case study films and three thematic short films highlighting why businesses decided to value nature and the stories of their ‘natural capital uptake journeys’.


  • To inspire natural capital champions in businesses to take the next steps on their natural capital journey.


  • To discover and tell the “real” stories behind companies’ journeys on valuing nature.
  • To showcase a diversity of voices including, but not limited to, a diversity of gender, roles, company size and region (within Europe).
  • To raise awareness of and facilitate uptake of the Natural Capital Protocol.
  • To enable others to amplify the interview messages, by uploading the output films to the We Value Nature media library.

Expected deliverables

Expected outputs:

  • Five mini case study films from five different companies. Each case study will include clips from the video interviews (estimated 1 primary and 4 secondary interviews for each company), stock footage and images or footage supplied by the companies. Each edited video is expected to last 2-3 minutes.
  • Written transcript of each interview.
  • Three summary films highlighting the different steps on the journey, to potentially include: why businesses decided to value nature, how they took the first step and how they implemented lasting change in their company (to be confirmed by We Value Nature team following interviews). Each video is expected to be 2-3 minutes long and will include a voiceover, interview clips and stock footage. Draft storyboard and voiceover script will be supplied by We Value Nature team; voiceover to be arranged by the contractor.

Finished outputs will be uploaded by the We Value Nature team to the We Value Nature media library for other organisations to include in their films, presentations or social media content via a Creative Commons license (CC BY 4.0). It will therefore be necessary for the contractor to waive copyright, intellectual property and any other ownership of the final outputs.

Collaboration and support

We Value Nature will:

  • Identify and initially contact interviewees – targeting 3-5 people per company location
  • Supply the interview questions.
  • Produce an initial storyboard and voiceover script for the three films highlighting why businesses decided to value nature and the story of their journeys.
  • Upload content to the We Value Nature media library.

Proposed budget

The maximum available budget for fees is: €18,000. Eligible expenses will be covered up to a maximum of €2,000.

Time schedule

The project shall be completed within a period of four months with an expected starting date of

September 7th 2020.

Documents to be submitted

Organisations interested in applying are invited to send the following documents:

  • A short proposal detailing your approach and experience, including your suggested method of remote recording and how you will make videos engaging.
  • A portfolio showing relevant recent work.
  • Pen portraits of the individuals who will carry out the work and a description of their role in the project.
  • A full cost breakdown showing fees and expenses.

Applications must be sent by e-mail to: James Atkinson (james@oppla.eu) by 12PM CEST on 17th July 2020. The email subject line should be: “We Value Nature - Testimonials Video Project”. You may also contact James if you have any questions about the brief before 3rd July. Answers to all questions will be shared on this page. 

Download a PDF of the brief