Module 1 train-the-trainer ¦ 26 January 2021

Join us on 26 January from 15:00-18:00 CET for We Value Nature's module 1 train-the-trainer session.

We will walk you through the training material of this module which aims to introduce the concept of natural capital, why it's important for decision-making and risk management and what are some of the key tools and approaches to integrate natural capital in decision-making.

We will provide you throughout the session with practical tips on how to best provide and adapt the training content to different contexts and audiences.

You will have a unique opportunity to provide a training session in your own language during We Value Nature's big 10 day event on nature from 15-26 March 2021. If you are interested to know more or propose a session, please contact Katia (

Make sure to come prepared to the train-the-trainer by bringing questions and planning to be in a space that enables you to take part in the conversations.

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