Module 2 train-the-trainer ¦ 28 January 2021

Join us on 28 January from 15:00-18:00 CET for We Value Nature's module 1 train-the-trainer session.

We will walk you through the training material of this module which aims to provide practical guidance on how a company can approach a first natural capital assessment by helping understand how to identify natural capital impacts and dependencies, how to scope an assessment, what are practical considerations and steps to take into account, as well as introduce different valuation approaches.

We will provide you throughout the session with practical tips on how to best provide and adapt the training content to different contexts and audiences.

You will have a unique opportunity to provide a training session in your own language during We Value Nature's big 10 day event on nature from 15-26 March 2021. If you are interested to know more or propose a session, please contact Katia (

Make sure to come prepared to the train-the-trainer by bringing questions and planning to be in a space that enables you to take part in the conversations.

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