We Value Nature 10-Day Challenge – Day 3

Impacts and dependencies

All businesses impact and depend upon nature. This relationship results in costs and benefits for both businesses and to the wider society.

Assessing your impacts and dependencies can help you understand your relationships with nature in a structured way, challenge your business model, create opportunities, mitigate risks and inform decisions that are really important to your business.

Examples of business impacts

We Value Nature

Examples of business dependencies

We Value Nature


You can learn more about impacts and dependencies by downloading the Capitals Coalition's Natural Capital Protocol

Today’s challenge is to reflect on how your business or organisation impacts and depends on nature.

Consider the impacts and dependencies for your business or organisation by ranking the following factors:

How your business or organisation impacts nature Weight
Greenhouse gas emissions
Land management / habitat destruction or degradation
Discharges to groundwater
Disturbances (noise, light)
Water extraction & management
Groundwater discharge
Potential spread of invasive species
Species (over)exploitation
How your business or organisation depends on nature Weight
Climate regulation
Storm and flood protection
Erosion and soil regulation

About you 

Which stakeholder group do you think you most represent?