We Value Nature 10-Day Challenge – Day 5

Who are your internal and external allies?

Internal allies are colleagues or professional contacts within or outside your company who are active in supporting your aims to integrate nature into your business' decision-making. These are people who motivate and encourage you to pursue the journey and can play a key role in integrating nature in your business.

For this challenge we’re asking you to reflect on your natural capital allies in your company/network.

Think about how can you reinforce existing relationships and seek additional allies beyond the usual suspects? 

  • Reach out and thank your allies or let them know that you are grateful for their support.
  • Thank one of your allies/colleagues on social media. 
  • Schedule a meeting with one or your internal allies to discuss how you can both take the next steps on your nature journeys.
  • Join the Capitals Community and invite your allies to join with you. You’ll be able to network and discover new ways to continue supporting and encouraging each other.