We Value Nature virtual office hour call ¦ Overcoming institutional inertia

24 September ¦ 11:00 - 12:00 CEST

We discussed and shared experiences and ways to overcome institutional inertia around natural capital.

We will first heard from John Herniman, who has a background in the tech industry and is now a Doctoral Researcher at Cranfield University, focusing on the role of Social Intrapreneurs in creating change within corporations. Then, through breakout rooms, you will put into practice the lessons from social intrepreneurship by reflecting on your own challenges and experiences, and hear from others.

We Value NatureJohn Herniman has spent a large part of his career in leadership roles related to technical innovation in optics, semiconductors, and consumer electronics. These roles have included Agilent, Amazon, Apple, British Telecom and Hewlett Packard, in both Silicon Valley and the UK. Personal engagement in the community, corporate social responsibility and social innovations led to reflections on how large organisations engage with these efforts. These resulted in research interests (for the last decade) which have focussed on how large corporations socially innovate in addition to their technical innovation activities. John is currently a doctoral researcher at Cranfield University in the UK, investigating the challenges social intrapreneurs face in MNCs.


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